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How you can make any goal a reality in 2024. 3 Keys to success.

Whether you're trying to lose weight, stop a bad habit, or get off some meds, sometimes it's much easier than you think to breakthrough. Take a look at these 3 areas and just be honest. Sometimes that's all you need to transcend to the next level.

The simplest way to break down why these 3 keys are so effective is to think in terms of state shifts. A state shift is necessary to make a lasting new habit or change work. In failed attempts at weight loss or getting fit are generally due to a lack of a state shift, or immersion in the process. We can enroll in a group challenge, or cleanse, and get some results, but if we're unaware of the following dynamics, we are likely to fall right back into the state of mind and being that got us there.

Below is a chart from David Hawkins, and it's a simple map of states of consciousness and being.

Notice the states of the lower levels of consciousness, below 250. How many live in these states? If we form a plan of action while in these states, we will inevitably stay stuck there, and not take the effective action needed.

Notice how courage is the bridge between the lower and higher states. How many people look to avoid using courage at all costs? Can you see how this creates a pattern of self doubt, fear, and apathy? For the sake of this blog, we will focus on the courage line, and crossing that bridge from the lower levels to mid and high.

Here are 3 things you can do each time you're faced with a decision in regards to your goals.

  1. Tell the truth. Honesty immediately raises our vibration. Be willing to accept all accountability for any undesirable situation in your life. It may seem impossible or untrue at first, but you must tell the truth and realize blaming keeps you in victim status....low level of consciousness.

  2. Admit that you don't know yet. If you are in a pattern of worry, attempting to take action, failing, and shaming yourself or judging, give yourself some grace. Admit that you just don't know at this time what the best plan is for you. It's ok to not know, it is actually how we gain knowledge and wisdom. This is willingness to accept what is, not worry about what isn't just right. Notice where worry and willingness fall on the chart. We see this a lot in weight loss goals, and why many people have a goal to lose weight their whole life.

  3. Check your attachments. What are you so attached to that it sabotages your efforts? For example, in a weight loss goal, the attachment may be to soda, chocolate, or pasta. We identify as a lover of pasta "Hey, I'm Italian, marinara is in my blood!" or a chocoholic etc.... Alcoholics become wine stewards, or craft beer aficionados etc... These examples are creating an identity around the attachment. This requires great courage, willingness, and acceptance. Notice where those land on the chart.

If you cannot do any of these 3, you may see great benefit from some guidance from a good therapist or coach.

In a recent podcast with David Goggins, Dr Andrew Hubermann referenced the Anterior Cingulate Mid Cortex in the brain. He cited recent scientific discoveries that show this area is responsible for regulating our ability to do things we don't want to do...."embrace the suck".

When we do what we don't want, but actually need, we get a reward response, and that area of the brain grows. When we don't, it shrinks, and we don't get rewarded. Insert blame, shame, judgement, not enoughs and can't do's here..... : )

This creates a precedent, and eventually a pattern of non doing, non achieving and non believing. Hubermann even goes so far as to assert science may find that this is the area of our brain that can measure our will to live! We call it depression, but maybe it's just a lack of wins coming from too little discipline!

Take one more look at that chart above and see how important that information truly is!!

Raising your vibration and your chances of success could literally be one action away. If you need help taking action, I got you.

I've got a brand new community on SKOOL, free recipes, workouts, challenges and leaderboards!

Keep smiling, and always post your gym selfies! Much Love y'all.

Coach Jerry

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