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Jerry specialized in utilizing the truth-based principles of holistic health to deliver you from the burden of excess weight, lethargy or pain. 
Biohacking your way to liberation. 

His brand of "biohacking" involves sticking to the basics.  By thinking, breathing, fueling the body, moving, & resting the way your body needs to remain balanced and strong, the need for hacks for energy, sleep, etc... diminishes greatly.

Through the teaching of his fundamental BT principles , he provides clients with a laser focus - tuning into what is costing them the most mental and physical energy, and leaving them not feeling and performing at their best.


There is a time and place for using science to optimize human performance.  That part of the Biohacking world is just as worthy of attention and consideration.  
However, there are more than enough people who aren't at the level of biohacking.  For them, drinking water, moving properly and fixing their breathing is a monumental hack to their genetic expression.
We specialize in back, neck and joint pain, fat loss, energy cultivation, & self discovery.

Through 25 years of trial and error with my own health, weight, and emotional resilience (as well as working with my wonderful clients across the world) it became very apparent to me that there are critical life areas that we must learn and apply in order to keep balanced, look amazing, feel fulfilled, and be vital.

Teaching our fundamental BT principles , we provide our clients laser focus - honing in on what is costing them the most mental and physical energy, while not contributing to them feeling and performing at their best.
Our systems have helped so many people define and accomplish their dreams pain free.  
Biohacking Truth believes we live in a world we aren’t evolved to live in: Our mental/emotional, physical and spiritual health are being assaulted by our environment, and we teach that we must play offense in our life to offset these insults.
This is where the benefits of the freedom of true health can be fully experienced.   

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