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Available Services

All services can be booked by email

Self Guided Packs 

Guided by you, co created by us, coaching not included. 1:1 One Time Planning Session.  For Self Starters and Independent Types.

12 Week One-on-one Packages. 

These are not commodity offers.  You will not find this at your local gym, PT, or nutritionist.There is no comparison. Period. Your investment gets you GUARANTEED RESULTS, & Highest Possible SUSTAINABILITY.​  Weekly One-to-One meeting with me via zoom or in person, plus all program updates and necessary assessments.  Limited access via text and email. Programs update every 4-6 weeks. Results Guaranteed or I WILL COACH YOU FOR FREE UNTIL YOU REACH YOUR GOAL. ​Spouse Rates: Addition of spouse to program, 50% off, or an additional $1,250. Results Guaranteed or I WILL COACH YOU FOR FREE UNTIL YOU REACH YOUR GOAL.

Package Options:

Dad Bod Aches and Pains Package

Dads, you know it's time to start this process, or you have to throw those size 34" pants away.  No need to hang onto them.  Also, you might want to go to D league senior division in softball if you're going to "wait 'til next year" again to make a run. 

Health is Wealth Legacy Package

Easily match your financial legacy with your health legacy in 10 weeks, even if you have a maxed out schedule, and have never taken your health seriously. Healthy weight, optimal energy, personalized fitness plan.  Hedge your financial game with longevity.

Energy ROI Package

Go from Tired to Wired as you cultivate energy with your new habits, taking your productivity, earning potential and life satisfaction to an all time high, even if you are busy with travel and work.

Real Life Practical Package

Get fit, energized, and optimized without missing out on fun, family and friends while saving money and streamlining time.

Release The Beast Package

​Turn back the clock on aging, find your athleticism again.  Kill workouts, recover like you did in your 20's.  Get back to the gym, and stay, at any age.

Golf or Sports Performance Package

Maximize performance on and off the field, court, or course even if you don't have a gym membership.  Golf, Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Wrestling, MMA, Boxing, and Baseball are some examples of sports that see huge benefits from our holistic systems approach



V.I.P. Optimal Life Package 6 month minimum commitment.


Our Flagship Offer, we left no stone unturned, this truly is our pride and joy.

Get the maximum fulfillment out of life with endless energy, pain free fitness, capture your purpose in career or retirement. For those who need a health legacy that matches their financial legacy, no matter what your experience or comfort level is with health and exercise.  

  • Lifelong diet and exercise success to get fat gone, improve digestion, skin and energy problems

  • End Nagging Pain

  • Feel and move like you did years or decades earlier

  • Express genetics for youth and athleticism/anti aging

  • Discover your self like never before, why you sabotage, what triggers you, what gets you excited and why, how to achieve anything you set your mind to

  • Personalized 

  • Full access to any and all of our programs

  • Unlimited access to me via text, or email.

  • Unlimited Program Updates and revisions

  • For successful people who don't have time for uncertainty

​V.I.P. Family Time Generational Health Plan 6 month minimum commitment.

Results Guaranteed or I WILL COACH YOU FOR FREE UNTIL YOU REACH YOUR GOAL.  Addition of spouse or family to program, 50% off, or an additional $1,000/mo. for spouse or an additional $1,500/Mo. for the whole family to get their personalized and group plans.

Quickly and Easily Reverse Family History of Disease for All Future Generations, Even If You Know Nothing About Health.  
Our Flagship offer above, but applied to the whole family.  Whatever your family's dream path is, it requires a massive group effort, and rock solid values and systems based planning.  

If you've got a family history of disease, this is the perfect opportunity to break the cycle.  

Your Grandkids will thank you.

Group, one on one or hybrid, whatever the family needs, the family gets.  This is far too important to cut corners.  

​V.I.P. Pain Free, Stable, Mobile and Strong 6 month minimum commitment


Get rid of back, neck, or shoulder pain for good, even if you've never set foot in a gym.  

  • ​3 guided workout sessions per week to reverse the root cause of your pain

  • Comprehensive assessments to hone in on your pain source and measure progress

  • Total reset of your health and metabolism

  • Perfect for those who have been failed by Doctors and Physical Therapists 

  • Diastasis Recti

  • Spondylolisthesis

  • Spondylolysis

  • Sciatica

  • Stenosis

  • Stiff Back

  • Text Neck

  • Cracking Neck

  • C Sections

  • Hernia (s) hint: there's a good reason why so many have multiple hernias

  • You will be living in a different world after working with us


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