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Available Services

All services can be booked by email

Self Guided Packs 

Guided by you, co created by us, coaching not included. 1:1 One Time Planning Session.  For Self Starters and Independent Types.

4, 8 or 12 Month One-on-one Packages. 

Since we use a highly personalized and holistic health approach that utilizes the most comprehensive teachings in enneagram personality, mindfulness, kinesiology, and the connected nature of your mind and body physiology we can guarantee your satisfaction.  If that seems a bit overwhelming, don't stress.  It's always on your pace, and we only use what you need to get to your unique goals based on your unique situation.Your investment gets you GUARANTEED SATISFACTION, & Highest Possible SUSTAINABILITY.​  One or multiple one to one meeting(s) with me via zoom or in person, plus all program updates and necessary assessments.  Limited access via text and email. Programs update every 4-6 weeks. Results Guaranteed or I WILL COACH YOU FOR FREE UNTIL YOU REACH YOUR GOAL. ​Spouse Bonus: Addition of spouse or family to program, for 50% off your base investment.  

Package Options:

Golf or Sports Performance 

Maximize performance on and off the field, court, or course even if you don't have a gym membership.  Golf, Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Wrestling, MMA, Boxing, and Baseball are some examples of sports that see huge benefits from our holistic systems approach

  • Perfect for: student athletes who want to maximize their playing career

  • Men and women who wish to enjoy their physical past time, golf, pickle ball, tennis etc... pain free and for years to come

  • Anyone wishing to get back into physical play without getting injured

  • Click link on the top of the page, or email me direct: 



Health is Wealth Weight Loss, Fitness, Self Motivation 

Easily match your financial legacy with your health legacy in 4 Months, even if you have a maxed out schedule, and have never taken your health seriously. Go from Tired to Wired as you cultivate energy with your new habits, taking your productivity, earning potential and life satisfaction to an all time high, even if you are busy with travel and work.Get fit, energized, and optimized without missing out on fun, family and friends while saving money and streamlining time.Healthy weight, optimal energy, personalized fitness plan.  Hedge your financial game with longevity.

  • Perfect for: Busy parents and professionals who have lost track of their health 

  • People who have a high stress load and a tough time staying focused, & energize

  • People who travel a lot and/or have a packed social schedule that makes health a challenge

  • Anyone who needs to lose some weight, move better and get more energy, and stay motivated now and for life.  

  • Click link on the top of the page, or email me direct: 



Customize Your Own

​Choose your own path to accomplish your nearest and/or biggest current or lifelong goal.  Choose the priority you want to unlock from any of our services.  Weight loss, pain management, mindfulness and self awareness, personal motivations.  

  • Perfect for: Anyone who knows they need a change, but hasn't found the perfect fit for their unique needs and goals.

  • Anyone who wants a mental boost, but doesn't want to see a therapist

  • Anyone who wants a better physical performance and/or appearance, but doesn't need multiple appointments weekly with different guides like a PT, and a personal trainer. 

  • Anyone who has a very unique life situation that demands a very personalized approach, where you lead the way, and I provide the wisdom, support and accountability.  

  • Click link on the top of the page, or email me direct: 


V.I.P. Optimal Life Package 8 month minimum commitment.


Our Flagship Offer, we left no stone unturned, this truly is our pride and joy.

Get the maximum fulfillment out of life with more energy, pain free fitness, capture or recature your purpose in career or retirement. For those who need a health legacy that matches their financial or other legacy, no matter what your experience or comfort level is with health and exercise.  

  • Lifelong Holistic Lifestyle and Fitness success to get body fat gone, improve confidence, and get more energy 

  • Address Nagging Pain.

  • Learn more about why you sabotage, what triggers you, what gets you motivated and why, achieve anything you set your mind to

  • Personalized online or in person

  • Full access to any and all of our programs

  • Unlimited access to me via 1:1 meetings, text, or email.

  • Unlimited Program Updates and revisions including physical and health assessments, enneagram personality.

  • Structured and guaranteed

  • Total reset of your habits directly impacting your health and metabolism

  • Perfect for those who have been failed by their previous attempts

  • Our clients have seen back and joint pain disappear, while gaining strength and mobility. 

  • Love your current providers?!  We're a perfect compliment to your current PT, Chiro, or Acupuncture Therapy.  

  • For people who don't have time for uncertainty because they are busy or don't want to waste their time

  • Click link on the top of the page, or email me direct: 

​V.I.P. Family Time Generational Health Plan 8 month minimum commitment.

Results Guaranteed or I WILL COACH YOU FOR FREE UNTIL YOU REACH YOUR GOAL.  Addition of spouse or family to program, 50% off.

Quickly and Easily Reverse Patterns Leading To Family History of Disease for All Future Generations, Even If You Know Nothing About Health.  
Our Flagship offer above, but applied to the whole family.  Whatever your family's dream path is, it requires a massive group effort, and rock solid values and systems based planning.  

If you've got a family history of disease, this is the perfect opportunity to break the cycle.  

Your Grandkids will thank you.

Group, one on one or hybrid, whatever the family needs, the family gets.  This is far too important to cut corners.

Click link on the top of the page, or email me direct: 


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