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“What I achieved was a different mental focus about the importance of different muscle groups and their function in my overall health and quality of life. Jerry gave me a number of very constructive exercises which have definitely helped me improve my situation and overall health.  What I notice most about Jerry's approach is first, a great passion to help you and second, a very comprehensive and thoughtful plan to improve your physical condition and quality of life. It is a comprehensive mind and body approach that's easy to embrace and with some focus and discipline on your part, favorable results will become apparent in short order."

Bill W. Missoula, MT

"I have a newfound confidence and a centering of spirit that makes me feel gratitude for the wonderful life I live. Jerry's openness, intellect and deep thinking helps establish trust almost instantly. It's a skill many could benefit from in almost every walk of life. I have improved my balance, flexibility and mobility while losing 24 pounds in four months. But the physical changes aside, it's the centering of my mind, body and soul, the return to embracing my intrinsically spiritual self that Jerry's mentorship and guidance has helped me with most.”

Colter N. Missoula, MT

“I needed a healthy lifestyle as I was stuck in a rut with weight loss, anxiety, and back pain.  I have tried pretty much all of the fad diets. I see a chiropractor regularly and get regular massages. I try to stay active with hiking, running and volleyball but the pain would greatly affect my everyday life.  Weight loss, back stability and pain is greatly improved. My core strength has improved immensely along with improvements in numbness in the abdominals following surgery.” 

Lindsay R. Missoula, MT

“After years of managing pain through massage, physical therapy, and various internet home remedies and finding only temporary relief, it was time for change. I was fortunate enough to schedule consultation with Jerry and what I got was an immediate, and permanent boost to my quality of life. The detail of the initial assessment was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced at a doctors office, evaluating daily movement patterns, the food being eaten, quality of sleep, and explaining how it all works together. I wanted to fix persistent pain in my leg and back that day , and what I got were the tools and guidance to fix not only my physical pain but improved gut health, brain function, sleep, and a strong stable body. This is an all encompassing medicine that will actually FIX issues!!!”

Cody M., Pullman, WA

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