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A Holistic and Integrated Approach to Your New Year's Resolution

We've all been there, a new year, a new me. We strive to lose weight, quit smoking or drinking, vow to be a better spouse, boss, co worker etc....

Time and time again, we fall short. January comes around again, and we're dusting off that same resolution we've used for the last 19 Januarys on record. It would've been 20, but there was one year we didn't bother to set a resolution : ).

Why do we do this? Willpower? Stress? Not cut out for this "health stuff"?

In my experience and observation, I have found that most people are failing in the goal setting process. From the start, they are doomed to fail. Why? They lack the following formula.

Current State of being>Envisioning a new future>Finding sense of purpose>Temporary discipline>New habit>New state of being>New vision>repeat process.

It's a very simple formula, and quite honestly, most get stuck in the contemplation or pre contemplation phase. This is the phase where more information is needed to take effective action. Information like purpose, seeing the finite nature of discipline, the power of one new habit, and new visions. We get stuck in the "I don't like how I look and feel, I wish something would change for me", not "I wish I could use what I possess to find out and get what I truly want, at a deep spiritual level. I am willing to surrender to the process and look at all I have caused that is undesirable in my life."

Can you see how one of these approaches is destined to fail? On that note, what would success or failure actually look like?

Too many are not in touch with those questions either.

This doesn't make us bad people, weak, inadequate, incompetent or anything else. It just means we need an EFFECTIVE strategy.

Please check out this live I did on Mon 12/19, where I go in depth on this topic. You can also check out my last blog, where I covered motivation in depth, and how we can more effectively use different motivators to fuel our progress.

Click link below to watch full video.

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