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Just The Tips- Holiday Weight Gain: 5 quick tips stick to your healthy lifestyle and not miss out

With the holidays coming, many people get a bit stressed about losing momentum they've gained and fear derailing their plan. This one can be tricky, as advice needs to be personalized, and what's good advice for one, is not good for everyone. Some people do well with getting back on track after a week of fun, while some need daily immersion in their value driven healthy lifestyle plan, with strategic indulgences.

It all depends on your personality, so take an honest assessment of what is best for you. Be careful to not take the inner critic too seriously, or more seriously, depending on your personality, and relationship to that inner critic : ). In general, if you tend to be overly critical of yourself and/or others, you may want to lighten up and stand up to that inner critic more. Give yourself and others credit for their successes and potential. If you're a bit too permissive with self and others, you may want to challenge your inner critic more, and discipline may be a good practice drill for you.

These tips are only as effective as your will to stay on track as best as possible. Your deep seated purpose as to why your health, fitness, and weight loss or management are important to you. Stay tied heavily into your purpose and your values surrounding your big purposes in life.

These tips are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical conditions. Always check with your doctor and dietician before making any lifestyle and diet changes. Indulgences are generally considered processed foods, desserts, rich starchy dishes and alcohol.

Tip #1: Adopt a strategy

Don't just say "heck with it" and go unconscious until January. This will have mental, physical and emotionally negative effects on your health. Instead, find a strategy, where discipline and permission are both utilized where you need it most. Here are a few suggestions. Unless stated otherwise, all other days and meals will be according to your plan. Plan indulgences around travel, as well as family and friend gatherings. Avoid the planned indulgences AND the family and friend get togethers where things tend to fall apart.

a) .One indulgence per day, whether that be a dessert item, one extra helping of that rich, starchy side dish we love. Pick one per day, and you can even plan out your week in advance, so you know the tasty treat you get today, and tomorrow etc...

b) One indulgence day per week. Pick a day where you are going to have an indulgence treat for each meal and a dessert, maybe 2 half desserts : )

c) One indulgence meal on Sat and Sun, plus one small dessert each day.

Tip #2: Sleep and hydrate well: If we're traveling, or have guests, a good night sleep is not always easy. This is the time of year to sneak 20 minute cat naps, or meditations. Low sleep can disrupt hormones and energy, which makes indulgences much more enticing. Make sure you're getting enough mineral, or filtered water with sea or pink salt added. Half your bodyweight in oz of water plus a quart on workout days should suffice. If you're peeing too much with that volume, ramp it down a bit. Non mineralized or salted water will make you pee more, so keep that in mind.

Tip #3: Get more intense with your workouts. Now is the time to ramp up the intensity of your workouts, go to a circuit style, or maybe go into a heavier phase if you're into weightlifting of power sports. You can add in a mile run/walk before and after your gym sessions as well. It's important that you keep the sleep, and hydration on point. Ramping up or adding to your workouts will increase physiological stress, so you'll need the extra calories, rest, and hydration.

Tip #4: Fasting. Daily or intermittent fasting can do wonders for resetting your appetite, heal the gut and organs, and keep blood sugars more stable. There's also benefits for impulse/appetite control and reducing bloating. I like daily 16:8 fasting window, plus one 24-36 hour fast per month.

Tip #5: Find an accountability partner. You may already have a gym buddy, or similar relationship already. Find someone to lock arms with who can commit to letting loose this holiday season without letting the wheels fall off. Check in daily and have fun discussing indulgences, and difficult choices. Be sure and talk about how much better you feel than those who've eaten and drank their way into a coma. : )

The average person gains about 10 pounds during the holiday season. A great goal is to not gain any weight at all, and it's very possible with just a few strategies and intention.

If you're really serious, you can be like Jessie Lehnerz, who lost over 50# last holiday season. Here's a video of him telling his story. Click the link below.

If you're ever needing a coach to help you find the most fit, energetic, and focused version of you, I'd be honored to discuss more with you. Pain in the body, weight loss, fitness, and life coaching guidance is what I offer, and whether you are interested in some of it, or all of it, you're going to love it.

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