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Mystery symptoms, excess weight, pain, skin issues, chronic fatigue are all autoimmune responses.

I cover this in my latest podcast on Autoimmunity. Please share, share, share, subscribe to my substack if you find value in this. Autoimmunity is an epidemic, and we're only making it worse with the symptoms based approach.

Have you experienced waking up to realize that you are taking several medications daily, and it seems like you’re feeling worse by the day? Maybe it started with headaches, or an asthma inhaler. Pretty soon, you needed Prilosec, daily Advil for pain, Skin Creams for rashes and dryness, adult acne, chronic fatigue…….all of which have their own “medicine” to address?

What if I told you these could all be related and traced back to the same source? What if I shared a story with you of how a Rheumatoid Arthritis client baffled her doctors by being symptom free in 4 weeks without drugs prescribed by the rheumatologist?

Would you want to know more?

Tune in, you’ll enjoy the show.

Much Love,

Coach Jerry

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