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Unleashing Motivation: The Power of Family Health History, Children's Health & Happiness

Something that has been a constant theme in my coaching work is that people think they know what they need to get healthy. Unfortunately, they are generally very far off base because they do not know the nuts and bolts of why they became unhealthy to begin with. Not to go into too much detail, but there is generally a belief that they just need to get to the gym, or count calories, and magically they will dissolve their problems and feel so much better. While that may be partly true, the reality is that there's a deep seated belief system in place that lead to the choices they made, and the lack of self love that led them to their current state.

One thing that is an overwhelming theme, and is actually correct is that they don't possess the necessary level of motivation to make lasting habit change a reality. The reasons why are deep and it's tentacles touch everything in our lives. Without fail, the one thing that is laying in their subconscious, and sparks emotion when brought to the conscious mind is their legacy motivations.

What's a legacy motivation?

That is the purpose you have tied into what you leave behind and how you will be remembered. Generally, we are attuned to this on the "Estate" level of legacy. How much property and wealth we can leave behind for future generations. While that is important, what else is important that is missing from this equation?

Do you have a family history of early death, and decades of disease management, Pharmacy visits, scheduled surgeries, and physical therapy?

What's YOUR plan to avoid that fate?

Do you carry a deep seated belief that this is unavoidable and "just the way it is"?

What example are you setting for your family so that they don't fall prey to the following avoidable metabolic diseases like heart disease 48% of Americans, overweight/obese 40% of Americans, Cancer 40% of Americans, Overweight/Obese 30-40% of Americans, Diabetes 15% of Americans by 2025?

How would you feel if you knew now that your kids would die a horrible death from an avoidable disease, and you passed up the opportunity to set a good example?

These questions are extremely difficult to ask someone, let alone be asked by someone. That is the problem. We're afraid to feel discomfort, and in doing so, we create generational illness, disease and discomfort.

If you are seeking motivation, and you have a family history of illness, disease and untimely death and this doesn't motivate you, I don't know what will. Here are some things to keep in the FRONT of your mind that could save your life, and change the trajectory for your family.

  1. Family Health History: Uncovering the Blueprint of Wellness

Our family health history serves as a valuable blueprint for understanding our genetic predispositions and potential health risks. By taking the time to explore and comprehend this vital information, we can make informed choices about our well-being. Understanding our genetic makeup empowers us to take proactive steps towards preventive healthcare, making necessary lifestyle modifications, and seeking appropriate medical interventions when required. This newfound knowledge can be a powerful catalyst, motivating us to prioritize self-care and take charge of our overall health.

  1. Children's Health Future: Fueling Motivation for Generations to Come

Our children are the embodiment of our hopes, dreams, and legacy. As parents, guardians, or future parents, considering the health and well-being of our children can be a powerful source of motivation. Taking the time to understand our family's health history and assessing potential risks can help us create a nurturing environment that promotes their long-term health. By prioritizing their well-being, we set an example, instilling in them the value of self-care and motivating ourselves to be the best versions of ourselves.

  1. Personal Happiness: The Key to Unlocking Motivation

Personal happiness forms the cornerstone of a fulfilling life. When we are content and satisfied, our motivation soars, propelling us towards our goals and aspirations. Taking the time to identify the activities, relationships, and experiences that bring us joy is crucial. By nurturing our passions, cultivating meaningful relationships, and engaging in self-care practices, we create a positive and uplifting environment that fuels our motivation. Happiness acts as a powerful motivator, as it reminds us of the rewards awaiting us on the journey towards achieving our dreams.


When motivation seems to elude us, it is essential to remember that we have bigger dreams in life than earning, and if your goal is earning and providing, a healthy you will be more productive. By exploring our family health history, considering the health future of our children, and nurturing our personal happiness, we unlock the power to reignite our drive and passion for life. Understanding our genetic predispositions empowers us to make informed decisions about our health, while focusing on the well-being of our children motivates us to create a positive and nurturing environment for their future. Above all, prioritizing personal happiness rejuvenates our spirits and amplifies our motivation, serving as a powerful force driving us towards a life of fulfillment and purpose. So, let us embark on this transformative journey, motivated by the knowledge that our actions today can shape a healthier, happier, and more prosperous tomorrow for ourselves and our loved ones.

Peace, Much Love, Live Well!

Coach Jerry

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