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Weight Loss Success Story. A Dad Gets Fit

A hard working man let his weight and his health get away from him, and he decided to take it back

Check out the latest podcast with Marc Boswell. He was in a bad place mentally and physically, and knew he needed to make a change. This January, at the age of 45, he got his opportunity, almost talked himself out of it, and decided to give it a shot.

He had deep seated limiting beliefs about his ability to be successful in weight loss, or to find happiness. With some support, guidance and action, he proved just how capable he is. His weight loss journey is certainly inspiring.

4 months later, he's down almost 30#, off his CPAP machine, no longer depressed, and his digestion has been healed. He says he feels 20 again.

If you're wondering if you can be a weight loss success story.....I'd bet on you!

Click the link below to listen or watch.

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