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Emotional Management Techniques

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

If you feel you are more affected by your emotions than most, you may be right. Here are some tips and considerations if you're someone who's guided by overwhelming emotions

Do you feel like almost no one really gets or understands you? Do you often feel inadequate and compare yourself to others? Do you struggle to explain what's different about you because you don't feel people honestly care?

You may be someone who is driven by emotions. If so, you may feel constantly overwhelmed. You may even wonder if you're bipolar, as you go from high to low in a seeming instant. You may feel like any attempt at organization is futile, and feel like giving up multiple times per day.

Here's a little secret, you're just fine, there's nothing wrong with you. You've stumbled upon your superpower. You're a master of empathy and compassion. You're likely a very creative person who sees the beauty that most people miss. You like a peaceful feng shui more than the next person, so stop worrying about being like everyone else or meeting their standards on what is normal, right, or good.

You see things differently than most. You feel your thoughts and intuition, you feel things without knowing why. Most people will never get that, and that's ok.

Here's what you need to know:

1 We all have centers of mastery in either our head, heart or gut. Those are the areas that we lean on for guidance and assurance. Some rely on their brain, some their intuition, and you....your heart. You can benefit from trusting your brain (thoughts) and your gut (intuition) a bit more. Sometimes the head and gut don't match the heart, and we do well to investigate that instead of worrying about that the head, heart and gut are in a state of disagreement.

2 You are not your emotions. While your emotional body is your center of intelligence, your emotions are not you. They are merely a guide to help you make sense of your world and safely and joyfully interface with it. You don't have to attach to every thought in your head and give it full life and attention. Try mindfulness meditations, or ask yourself what you "think" about or "believe" about an emotion that pops up. Avoid immersing in a negative feeling, instead, investigate it with your mind and gut in a curious, non judgemental way.

3 Most people are faking it. Your tendency to compare yourself to others, be envious, and think you are inadequate is an illusion. The people who seem to have such a strong sense of self, and have their world craftily organized are good at making you believe that. The truth is, most people have put no time into getting to truly know themselves, and are more interested in maintaining the appearance that you have become envious of.

4 Structure and organization are good in small doses. Your belief that structure is striving for perfection is misguided. Your feeling of overwhelm when attempting structure is a defense mechanism you've put in play to avoid feeling different, inadequate or rejected. A little bit of structure and organization will help keep the mind organized and show you that you can do structure and organization a bit differently than most.

5 You are unique and complicated, just like everyone else. Realize that everyone has struggles in life, and wishes to be loved, accepted, and to fit in. You are a unique expression of pleasure, pain, struggles and victories. Be careful not to identify as the person in life who got all the bad breaks that no one could possible understand......

Lastly, know that there is a pattern you may have developed, and that pattern can lead to undesirable results. This may be where you feel the most emotional overwhelm. You can find ways to change that pattern by getting in touch with your deepest beliefs and the identities that you have created from them. Once you learn to manage the head, heart and gut, trust them all, your superpowers will become very clear.

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Peace, Much Love, Live Well,

Coach Jerry

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