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Human Optimization Techniques: Here's What You Need To Know

Human Optimization sounds super flashy and even futuristic. Here are the techniques that are too obvious for the mainstream influencers.

I hope you are not like the hundreds of millions of Americans who are destined to live a life of misery, obesity and disease. If you are in a bad place now, and you're reading my blog, I have a lot of hope for you. Most Americans are in a state of annihilation, they take care of themselves like someone they hate, and really, they probably do loathe themselves on a deep level, if not consciously. Just look at the rise in autoimmunity.

This is the stage where we need to make a decision...ride it out and fizzle like a burned marshmallow, or make massive changes. The sad reality is, most people will never make the change. They will die of self imposed metabolic diseases like heart disease, cancer, or diabetes related.causes. If this is triggering you, that's good. It means I have struck a nerve, and that's what needs to happen for lasting change to take place. If you're thinking I am wrong, that's cognitive dissonance.

The typical failed health journey starts with high levels of optimism and motivation, and we seek to get healthy, or more accurate "exercise more, eat more healthy, drink a little less" etc....

Can you see how that approach is destined to fail? No? Well, those are all very ambiguous pursuits. How will you know when you get there? A specific weight loss number? What then?

We've distilled health in this country down to how much you weigh, or how fat you are. Even more to the point, we use weight as the indicator to get started. "If (when) I put on 10 more pounds, I'll have to go on a diet." I won't even get into how ridiculous this strategy is, you won't want to read that many words, I promise. I am ranting, yes, and a bit judgemental, yes. Here's why. Your kids and grandkids are watching every cookie you won't say no to go down your throat, and they will have the burden of watching you die miserably and slowly decay in front of them. You won't have the energy to play with them and you may eat yourself into dementia. You won't know how painful it is when grandma forgets your name. They do!

Again if I've triggered you, that's the point. Wake UP!!!

If you love your family, and you wish to help be a part of the generational change that this country needs in damn near each family across the nation, YOU CAN!!

Start thinking in terms of Optimizing, not feeling a little better, or getting a little healthier. You don't need those prescriptions, I'm willing to bet. When you optimize, there is no disease, so no need to poison yourself with pharma.

What's stopping you? Your nostalgia towards dessert, or television? Your letting your mind trick you into believing you are too tired to make a real meal, or go exercise?

Rant over.

(I can help you dismantle that anger you may be fighting off. It's what I do)

I love you. I don't likely know you, but I love you anyway. I don't want to see you die.

You may be on the other end of the spectrum. Overdoing it with deprivation diets, or extreme workouts that are leaving you feeling zapped, inflamed, dehydrated or moody. You're not optimized either.

It's not about a new Boron supplement, or UV exposure, HIIT regimen or anything of the like.

It's basic stuff that no one talks about this succinctly and exactly how it looks in your overall life. In this YouTube I talk about going from feeling annihilated to starting a health plan, and the dangers of over and under doing it.

Trust me, it's not about getting it perfect at all. It's about Human Optimization, and what it looks like when we over and under express anything in that field or spectrum. If you're a biohacker, I'm sorry, but you most likely are missing most of this and you have to come to terms with your addiction to gadgets, and supplements. If you need to feel better than superhuman, which is all possible with optimization, then that is a sign of your false core running the show. See previous blogs for reference.

You're likely on the path to maximization, which will lead you back to annihilation, mark my words. Just look at Dave Asprey and Ben Greenfield. I love their contributions to health, but one looks like he is turning into a woman, and the other looks like he's turning into the incredible Hulk. You can't overlook the obvious signs that something isn't right. This is what happens when Optimum isn't enough for you.

I hope you can see this blog for what it is, an intentional blast of opinion mixed with facts, and conjecture designed to trigger your deepest resistances to truth. That's coming from your trauma and I cover this in the video. If you're not too triggered to watch it.

Much love my friends, I hope you can forgive me for this blast of honesty, and judgyness.

I do it because I love you and your family wants to see you at your best. Human Optimization techniques start with awareness and be sure to dismantle and dissolve your trauma triggers.

Coach Jerry

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