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Use Your Superpowers: Effective Time Management For Busy Professionals

Time is a finite resource, and it is a challenge for busy professionals to manage it effectively. While everyone has 24 hours in a day, some people are more efficient and productive than others. Personality plays a significant role in time management, and it is essential to understand one's personality traits to optimize time use. This doesn't mean that one personality type is superior to others, it simply means that all types have their deep seated core motivations in life, and that directly affects our time management. In truth, it affects how we manage all of our resources. This is by far the biggest missing link I see in people's ability to succeed and do it in a sustainable and healthy way. In this blog, we will discuss how to use personality for effective time management for busy professionals.

Understanding Personality Traits: Personality refers to the unique set of characteristics, behaviors, and patterns that define an individual. In my coaching model I refer to personality as what the ego uses to resist, reinforce, or ignore the calling of our higher self or soul, if you prefer. This is 100% due to a person's core motivations, which is the producer and director of the show, and we play lead actor until we can really know ourselves. Personality traits are stable, enduring, and consistent patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that differentiate one person from another. I want to clarify that your personality is not set in stone, and you can alter your patterns of behavior and integrate other aspects of yourself that are currently under expressed. It's too easy to say "that's just the way I am", but that is a fixed mindset approach. I recommend getting to know your current default state and pattern, and then work to modify behavior and mental framing based on desired goals in life. Not all of us do well with a super rigid approach, while others literally NEED it. Usually when we're trying to be something we're not, we're trying to utilize someone else's superpowers instead of harnessing our own!

I use the Enneagram personality model, which highlights 9 base personality types and their motives. today, we will focus more on the character traits that are present in each personality type. There are five broad categories of personality traits known as the "Big Five" or the "Five-Factor Model":

  1. Openness

  2. Conscientiousness

  3. Extraversion

  4. Agreeableness

  5. Neuroticism

Each of these traits has sub-traits that influence how individuals perceive, process, and respond to different situations. Understanding one's personality traits can help individuals optimize their time management skills. Effective Time Management Strategies Based on Personality Traits:

  1. Openness:

Enneagram types moderate to high in openness: 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8

Individuals who score high on openness are curious, imaginative, and creative. They thrive on new experiences and are willing to try new things. Effective time management strategies for individuals with high openness include: a. Prioritizing tasks that allow for creativity and imagination.

b. Allowing for flexible schedules to accommodate new experiences and opportunities.

c. Scheduling time for brainstorming and ideation.

d. Setting realistic goals and deadlines.

2. Conscientiousness:

Enneagram types moderate to high in conscientiousness: 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 9

Individuals who score high on conscientiousness are responsible, organized, and dependable. They are motivated to achieve their goals and work diligently to accomplish them. Effective time management strategies for individuals with high conscientiousness include: a. Making to-do lists and prioritizing tasks.

b. Breaking down larger tasks into smaller, more manageable ones.

c. Setting clear goals and deadlines.

d. Planning ahead and anticipating potential obstacles.

3. Extraversion:

Enneagram types moderate to high in Extraversion: 2, 3, 7, 8 (many types are varied and individual)

Individuals who score high on extraversion are outgoing, social, and energetic. They thrive on social interaction and enjoy being around people. Effective time management strategies for individuals with high extraversion include: a. Scheduling time for social activities and networking events.

b. Balancing social activities with work-related tasks.

c. Using technology to stay connected with colleagues and clients.

d. Collaborating with others to accomplish tasks.

4. Agreeableness:

Enneagram types moderate to high in agreeableness: 1, 2, 3, 6, 9

Individuals who score high on agreeableness are cooperative, empathetic, and understanding. They value harmony and strive to maintain positive relationships with others. Effective time management strategies for individuals with high agreeableness include: a. Prioritizing tasks that involve helping others.

b. Communicating clearly and respectfully with colleagues and clients.

c. Taking time to listen to the needs and concerns of others.

d. Resolving conflicts in a positive and constructive manner.

5. Neuroticism:

Enneagram types moderate to high in Neuroticism: 1, 2, 4, 6

Individuals who score high on neuroticism are sensitive, anxious, and prone to worry. They are more likely to experience stress and anxiety in high-pressure situations. Effective time management strategies for individuals with high neuroticism include: a. Prioritizing self-care and stress-reduction activities.

b. Setting realistic goals and deadlines to reduce anxiety.

c. Breaking down tasks into smaller, more manageable ones.

d. Seeking support and guidance from colleagues and mentors.

Conclusion: Effective time management is essential for busy professionals, and understanding one's personality traits can help individuals optimize their time use. Keep in mind, how we do anything is how we do everything. If we're experiencing struggles in the work environment due to our lack of self understanding, that will always play a factor in our personal life as well. By identifying your personality traits, you can develop personalized time management strategies that align with your strengths and weaknesses. Whether an individual is high in openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, or neurotic

If you'd like to get an in depth personality assessment and learn how to apply this missing piece to your health and productivity goals click the link below.

We are the missing piece to finding lasting health and happiness!

Coach Jerry

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