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How To Dismantle Limiting Beliefs and Identity

Limiting beliefs create limiting identities that can lead us subconsciously

Limiting Beliefs: This is something that has become almost cliche over the past few years. If we're not careful, we're in the danger of looking over this very important concept. Now what I'm going to do for you today is not only break down limiting beliefs, but we're going to break down the next step, which is the limiting identity structure that we form because of our beliefs. What I've seen time and time again in my coaching career, especially in my clients who've experienced a lot of different types of life coaching, counseling, Psychotherapy and are familiar with the limiting belief structure, but lack awareness of the various identities they have adopted around those beliefs.

It's one thing to dismantle those limiting beliefs, but if you also don't dismantle  with the limiting identity and get in touch with the new identity that you can create, sooner or later those limiting identities from those limiting beliefs are going to catch up to you. This is what leads directly to procrastination, the distraction, feeling lost or stuck in life. In other words, not being able to get the crap done that you need to get done.

Check out my latest podcast where I break it down for you. It's simple, effective and can be done almost instantly when you get comfortable with the practice. Links posted below.

If you like this concept and feel you'd like a more resourced approach, download my new app, Youphoric Healthworks, also linked below. This app was designed to help you get to the source of what's keeping you from manifesting your dream life.


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