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How To Find Holistic Health in Mind and Body

Updated: Mar 13

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Holistic health isn’t about pseudo science, and weird and wacky rituals. Sure, that all can be a part of one’s holistic mind, body, soul approach. It doesn’t have to be an abstract spiritual view, or philosophy, but it can be. Holistic health is about having integrity (a state of being whole and undivided/a quality of being honest and having strong moral principles) in your total being.

For many people, they lose integrity in their mind, body, or even soul (whatever that means to you), in getting caught up in everyday life. Work, kids, political and social concerns etc…. This naturally pulls us away from certain things that are integral to our well being. Mental health, weight management, aches and pains are some of the most obvious examples of where we can lose integrity in our well being. This happens, in part, because of our mixed morals on various issues like mentioned above, and not prioritizing what is important in our given situation.

People are starting to wake up to the reality that they can heal many of their health problems without a Doctor’s orders and prescription medications. In this episode, Holistic health and wellness practitioners John Melgaard and Nick Poppa join me as we discuss what we’ve experienced in our selves and as coaches.

Success often comes when we address the root causes, and give a person the time they deserve to fully work through their health issues. This approach is very effective in finding motivation and results in their energy, weight, pain and overall sense of well being.

Several of the following things cannot be denied, whether you have a medical degree or not.

  1. If you only have a few minutes with a patient, you don’t have time to form a dialogue and perform proper assessments to address root causes to an issue. You will then be left with the only options of prescribing medications, or surgery.

  2. Doctors are chronically pressed for time as they must cram patients into their hospitals as our collective health gets worse and worse. This is a problem that recreates itself over and over.

  3. All prescription and over the counter drugs have possible side effects. Every one of these effects, main and side have a risk reward ration.

  4. There is seldom a plan to come off of these drugs and the side effects can lead to the need for further prescriptions. (some may call these side effects a disease)

  5. All diseases and bodily pains can also be addressed in a holistic manner that may remove several problems, many of which may go undiagnosed in the few minutes a patient has with their expert physician.

  6. We all have the choice to take the medical route or not. It is our responsibility to ask questions, consider all of our options and decide what is best for us.

None of this is medical advice. We advise you to consider all of your options and seek the help you need based on your personal decision. If you feel the medical approach is best for you given your personal situation, you are supported and loved.

We hope you enjoy this conversation, and feel free to reach out if you want to know more!

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Peace, Much Love, Live Well!

Coach Jerry

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