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State Of The Union: Healthcare and The American Dream. Can Holistic Health Be The Answer For Better Golden Years?

If we're looking under the hood of death outcomes in the US, we're in a full blown nightmare.

This article is my opinion and observation. None of this is medical advice.

How many of us are in a trance of belief that the way to get through life is to work all your life and save up for retirement so you can travel, see the country or world, or just ride into the sunset peacefully? While this sounds good on paper, here's where the train comes completely off the tracks. Most people are so focused on building their financial legacy, that they don't make time to be healthy.

Abundance is holistic. We have the opportunity to find abundance in our mind, body and our soul, as well as finances. However, we seem to put the financial cart ahead of the health horse, with the implicit belief that we will someday, somewhere make time for our health. Unfortunately, for too many, it's not until a doctor diagnoses them with a condition that they start to think about their health. Then, it's a worry, and that worry generally comes with a prescription. The prescription has side effects, and the side effects can lead to new or exacerbate conditions in the making.

This is the kiss of death for many. Why? They don't realize that the prescriptions are actually creating diseases. They also believe that because they are taking an FDA approved medication that has the consensus of the medical scientific religion community, they are taking the best course of action. One prescription leads to several over the course of a lifetime. Someone you know was diagnosed with high blood pressure 20 plus years ago, was given a drug for it, and is still on it. I can pretty much guarantee you that is true.

If you think the label of prescriptions creating disease is too harsh, here is the definition of disease.




  • 1. a disorder of structure or function in a human, animal, or plant, especially one that has a known cause and a distinctive group of symptoms, signs, or anatomical changes:

If a prescription causes several side effects that lead to a disorder and the cause can be known (maybe never admitted), it has caused a disease, or at least contributed. If the purported benefit is "worth it", one must ask: would it be worth it if I could reverse the original condition naturally through holistic health and lifestyle habit adjustments?

This is the sorcery of the dark side of the medical system. For example, we all know obesity is a leading contributor to heart disease, but did you know heart disease is the number one killer of Americans? What are the effective approaches the medical community has in addressing obesity and cardiac deaths? If they claim all authority over people's health, they must assume a level of responsibility for these horrendous results.

People who die from metabolic diseases are generally people who have seen a doctor for a long period of time before passing away. If every single visit is not an opportunity to address the root cause, what is it exactly? Why does someone like myself, without a college degree, let alone a doctorate have such high success with clients getting out of obesity, and getting off of their prescription drugs (with the help of their doctor)? Our success rate is so predictable, all of my VIP services come with a guarantee. How many doctors do that?

Is it because our motives and beliefs are not the same? I personally believe all medications are poisons, even if they save a life. I personally believe any medication prescribed should be done so as a last ditch effort to buy time until a person can make the lasting habit changes to get out of disease status. I personally believe that people need a specific, individualized approach where they are treated as a whole person, whose entire life plays a role in their current condition. I personally believe no poisonous medication should be prescribed until a patient has worked with a personal coach 1:1 as long as the "medication" or medical intervention is not needed to prevent immediate death.

Is that what the medical system believes? Do they believe a drug is the answer at all times, and getting involved in a person's life story and circumstances are not relevant? Sure seems like it.

If they do realize that all of that matters, why do they not network with health coaches as a normal course of conducting patient care? I certainly refer to medical professionals when necessary. It's always about the best interest of the man or woman seeking care, never about profits, boards of directors or anything else.

Could it possibly be that the profitability of drugs and surgeries first as a course of care is too irresistible? Is there enough plausible deniability for them to not change what they are doing? After all, it's not the medical industry's fault that the patient hasn't stuck to a holistic health and lifestyle regimen and gotten into a state of disease. They are just the authority and claim all rights to advising patients on medical protocols.

This all brings me back to the original topic of this article. The golden years of most Americans is spent in countless appointments with Doctors, surgeons, therapists, and eventually, far too many have to spend a fortune on dementia and Alzheimer's care for themselves or a loved one. You pay the insurance, you follow the Doctor's orders, take the medications for years or decades, and eventually you give it all to someone for your health care.

What can we do about it? We must make health a priority in our schools, in our workplace, and in our homes. This is where culture is grown and cultivated, this is where seeds are planted. We have to take personal responsibility for our own state of health, and learn to question authority when it comes to our best interests in mind. Blindly following an order from a person who is educated by drug companies can kill you. I have personally seen people get off of so many prescriptions that they were fired by their psychiatrist, and she's never felt better in her life. One of the most egregious examples was a man who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and was told he would have to be on insulin for the rest of his life. He changed his diet, started yoga, lost 80# and was no longer "diabetic". This change happened in about 1 year. Those are just a couple examples from my personal history in my several years as a holistic "health coach."

Our food supply is creating the majority of our diseases, generational habit, busyness, convenience and confusion drive this. Our medical first model of care is keeping them going, as a cure based model of care is a terrible business model for Pharma.

The confusion that is sewed by the food manufacturers and the medical industry has gotten asinine. Some of the recent articles published by authorities in health, medicine and science include: Sunlight kills, fasting can lead to heart disease, obesity is genetic and diet and lifestyle adjustments won't help, Ozempic is the best solution to obesity......

I can't tell you how many consultations I've done with confused people who can't understand why they feel like crap, or can't lose weight despite the fact that they exercise and eat "healthy". One look at their food intake, and they are eating 80% or more processed foods laden with chemicals like roundup, atrazine, and dyes. We must educate people in masses, or we will never make a dent in this epidemic.

This is why I am now developing corporate wellness and leadership development programs with a team of trusted, holistic coaches. It won't be for everyone, unfortunately the corporate world is not the ideal place to unleash holistic personal development approaches. However, there are more than a handful of business owners and CEO's who know the massive payoff of having a healthy lifestyle in an individual's performance, reliability, and most importantly....overall well being. Those are the leaders we are going to work with. We will show them how to effectively communicate with and motivate each individual, attract and retain the best leaders and teams by knowing them at a level of core motivation based on their personality profile. Of course, we will have a top of the line holistic health offering for them and their teams as well. My prediction is that those who participate will become the industry leaders in performance, retention and innovation.

I've seen it happen over and over again with individuals, and there's no reason it won't carry over into a workplace environment. People don't stop being human while at work.

It's just a small impact, but I vow to do what I can with the skills I have. What's the vision for how we can impact humanity in a positive way? Simply put, if one person avoids the typical American nightmare of retiring to spend all their time in medical appointments, and all of their retirement on surgeries, therapists, and round the clock care for themselves or loved ones, it's a successful mission in my heart and mind.

If you or someone you know has an integrated mind, and is willing to think outside the box for their employee benefits and their leadership development, me and my team would love to have a chat with them. This is a mission from the heart and soul, and we will only work with certain people with a similar mission. This will undoubtedly improve performance, efficiency and profits for any organization, but that shouldn't be the motive. That's a side effect. You see, unlike prescription drugs, holistic health, fitness and mental management has no negative side effects. : )

Contact me direct, I'd love to talk to you


Peace, Much Love, Live Well


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